Alumna’s first novel inspired by time at BCU


A BCU alumna has penned their first novel, with inspiration taken from her life and her time studying at BCU.

Nato Pachuashvili, who graduated from BCU in 2008 with a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, now lives in Georgia and works as an Assistant Professor at International Black Sea University (IBSU).

Nato, under the pseudonym Nata Leah, published her debut novel, “The Book Wanderer”, earlier this year. But Nato always knew she would one day write a book.

She said: “Subconsciously, I always knew I would one day write a book. I had always dreamed of crafting my little world where I could freely share what was on my mind and heart. Then, last summer, this feeling swelled into an urge to tell a story, compelling me to chase the inspiration that had been brewing within. And so, I embarked on a journey called ‘The Book Wanderer’.”

"It was inspired by my profound love of literature, particularly British literature. I wanted to share my enthusiasm for reading and foster the same feeling among my readers. Through my work, I aim to instill a love of reading in others and enable them to recognize the transformative power literature can have on individuals.”

Nato says the book is inspired by her time at BCU. Though set at the University of Manchester so as not to feel autobiographical, the book was still inspired by the British literature classes she experienced as a student at BCU.

She said: “Had I not studied at BCU, I would have never written about literature. BCU provided the solid foundation that nurtured my love of books and transformed it into a creative work.”

‘The Book Wanderer ’is a love story set against a backdrop of the characters' shared interest in reading.

The protagonist, Liza, is compelled to relocate to England and seeks solace in the world of books, allowing her to lose herself in the flow of time and surroundings. As an ardent reader, she decides to study British Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Manchester, where she encounters Daniel Davis, an enthusiastic writer who sparks the love that faces adversities. However, their love faces adversities and challenges that stand in their way.

The book invites readers to step into the world of the most loved literary works such as 'Harry Potter', 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' 'Pride and Prejudice,' '1984,' 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,' 'Wuthering Heights,' and many more.

Nato has always enjoyed reading and hopes her book will ignite a similar passion for reading in its readers.

She said: “I have always been a passionate reader; I believe they open doors to captivating realms inhabited by diverse characters, each offering unique ideas and perspectives, serving as an inspiration for my personal growth and self-reflection. I wanted to pass the same passion on to my readers.”

“Writing the book was a challenging yet fascinating journey of self-discovery, testing my resilience and patience, filled with mixed emotions, and culminating in the courage to vulnerably share my inner struggles and feelings with the world.”

“Crafting characters was the most fascinating part of writing for me, as it involved bringing them to life, sharing their emotions, experiencing a profound connection, and undergoing personal growth parallel to theirs, making the process immersive and transformative.”

“Publishing the book felt like a personal victory, as I had conquered my greatest monster: fear. Throughout this journey, I stumbled many times, but I persistently got back to my feet.”

The Book Wanderer is now available on Amazon and Audible.

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