Our Academies

International Academy for Enterprise Systems Innovation

Enterprise Systems lie at the heart of modern business decision making. Modern companies be they large or small generate a great deal of information that can enable them to be more competitive, sustainable, make more effective decisions and understand themselves, their competitors and their industry better. This information takes many forms but virtually all larger companies around the world and many smaller and medium sized firms will make use of an industry standard enterprise system to run their businesses more effectively.

The mission of the International Academy for Enterprise Systems Innovation is to provide you not only with access to the latest research and teaching on enterprise systems or business decision making systems, but to combine all of that learning with actual physical access and training in the leading enterprise systems. In this way we focus on:

  • Real-world skills – giving you the ability to use, test and explore the systems you are engaged with so that as well as learning the theory of ESM you will also walk away being able to use those systems from day one.
  • Employability – giving you the skills that are in immediate demand by employers so that as well as understanding the higher concepts in ESM you can speak with confidence on actual system-specific issues and demonstrate actual hands-on experience.
  • Reinforcing your experience and interest – research has shown that if you are given access to systems and are taught in conceptual classes you understand the systems better. This enables you to gain more confidence and you are able to form your own opinions on the systems you are using.
  • Reinforcing student career paths – only with actual hands on experience can you determine where you wish your career to go.

The International Academy for Enterprise Systems Innovation has a particularly strong relationship with SAP and the degrees that are taught within the Academy are reinforced with access to and experience in numerous SAP systems including ERP, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Business Objects and over half a dozen other SAP components. You will have access to these systems and you will receive formal training as part of your studies depending upon which course you choose.