About Integra Lab

Integra Lab is the music interaction research lab founded by Jamie Bullock and Lamberto Coccioli in 2009, at the end of the first phase of the EU-funded Integra – Fusing Music and Technology project.

As pioneers of the conceptual framework ‘musician-centred design’, we place musicians and music making at the heart of what we do, developing technologies that empower users and let them think “in music”. The Integra Live software, for example, was specifically conceived to support musicians in the design and control of their live interaction with electronics.

Integra Lab has also a strong track record of supporting productions and exploring novel applications of technology in the creative process and in performance. We have worked on a range of composition and performance projects with composers such as Jonathan Harvey, Kaija Saariaho, Julian Anderson, Hilda Paredes and Philippe Leroux, to name just a few. Outputs from Integra Lab members include works for instruments and live electronics, digital instruments, mixed media and audiovisual, and sonic installations. 

Another important strand of our work is to provide training and support to ensembles and composers in the performance of works from the live electronics repertoire that make use of technologies now obsolete. We have “modernized” works by Pierre Boulez, Luigi Nono, Roger Reynolds, Edwin Roxburgh, Tristan Murail, Luca Francesconi, Philippe Hurel and many others, often working directly with the composers themselves, and we have supported performances of the new versions of the works all over the world.

Areas of activity

  • Developing interactive software for music creation, performance and education (Integra Live, Transforming Transformations, Tape, ml.lib, LibXtract)
  • Undertaking applied and practice-led research in musical creativity (Augmented Vocality, Inclusive Digital Instruments, Integra – Fusing Music and Technology projects).
  • Supporting the production and sustainability of compositions and performances with interactive technologies (Integra Lab concerts at RBC, Jonathan Harvey Project)
  • Developing novel applications of technology in the creative process and in performance (formuls, Hearing and Feeling Memories, HarpCI, MyoMapper).

For more information please visit the Integra Lab website.