Head of Keyboard Department: Professor John Thwaites
Associate Head of Keyboard Department: Daniel Browell 
International Chair in Piano: Pascal Nemirovski

Head of Piano Accompaniment in Vocal Studies: Jonathan French
Head of Piano Accompaniment in Wind and Brass: Jo Sealey
Head of Piano in Chamber MusicDaniel Tong

Senior Tutor in Accompaniment, Coaching and Piano:  Dr Robert Markham
Senior Tutor in Piano: Katharine Lam

Head of Organ StudiesDaniel Moult 

Vice-President: Peter Donohoe
Early Keyboard Consultant: Gary Cooper

First Study Administrator:

Piano Department

Robin Bigwood
Sharona Joshua

Collaborative Piano
Stephen Barlow
Robin Bowman
Iain Burnside
Jonathan French
William Howard
Paul Wingfield

Senior Conservatoire Piano Technician
Peter Roscoe

Concert Fleet Technician 
Peter Salisbury

Technicians and Tuners
Dietmar Assimis 
Tony Field 
Chris Melloy

Organ and Harpsichord Department


Daniel Moult
Nicholas Wearne
David Saint

International Organ Consultant
Professor Nathan Laube

Visiting Organ Professor 
Professor Martin Schmeding

Early keyboard consultant: Steven Devine

Robin Bigwood
Martin Perkins

Organ Improvisation
Ronny Krippner

Recent Masterclasses and Workshops