Staff and student work


Velcro Piece

Lead artist: Alexander Kaniewski

Behind The Stitches (Language of Tapestry: A Weaving of Music and Movement)

Lead artists: Alexander Kaniewski & Kinna Whitehead
Performers: Lottie Day, Tom Dalrymple, Lida Chatzidimitriou, James McIlwrath

Bit Pieces

Lead artists: James McIlwrath and Zahrah Hutton

Excerpts from "vernacular stories of the rural family"

Lead artist: James McIlwrath

This piece isn't about teeth

Lead artists: James McIlwrath, Dentist and filming by Alexander Kaniewski

We Commuted Once a Day

Lead artist: Tanna Chamberlain

Sketch: The Language of Love. "Peter"

Lead artist: Tanna Chamberlain, feat. Peter Bell

A 30 Year Old Woman Crashes Repeatedly into the end of a Flying Fox in Office Attire

Lead artist: Tanna Chamberlain


Lead artist: Wednesday Club

For John Baldessari and/or Gary Lineker

Lead artist: Michael Wolters


Lead artists: Michael Wolters and Seán Clancy