Auditions for entry in September 2022

We intend to hold live in-person auditions in Birmingham where possible, keeping in line with government guidance.

If you live in the United Kingdom and intend to audition in person, please submit an audition recording no later than two weeks from receipt of acknowledgement communication, following our Audition Requirements.

We will hold your audition recording on file and refer to it if there are changes to government guidance which impact our ability to hold live auditions.

Music Technology and Composition applicants should submit portfolios within two weeks of applying.

Please submit audition recordings and portfolios to:

UK Applicants will also have the option of attending a Virtual Audition instead of a live audition.

International Applicants who are resident outside of the United Kingdom should submit an audition recording within two weeks of applying or attend one of our International Audition Centres.

Preparing for your audition

Read through the information below. Your audition details will be submitted to UCAS Conservatoires so please keep a close eye on your UCAS Conservatoires track. We will also send an email notifying you that audition details have been submitted which will give general information needed.

If you do not already have them please read our Audition Requirements and decide on your repertoire. If you have any specific queries about the requirements please contact us and we will be happy to advise:

Your audition

We know that attending a conservatoire audition will be a new experience for many of our applicants so we have prepared the following advice and guidance to help you have a positive audition experience:


Please check and thoroughly read the Audition Requirements for your instrument, department or course.


We know that you will have lots of questions about your virtual audition so we have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you prepare.


Please download and read our Audition Recording Guide as you prepare to make your audition video. This detailed guide will help you meet our audition requirements and help answer questions you may have about making and submitting your audition video.


UK Applicants: once your application has been submitted we will contact you via e-mail with information on how to upload your audition recording/portfolio links to the MySRS portal.

Audition recordings and portfolios should be submitted within two weeks of receipt of acknowledgement communication.

For conducting applicants and all applicants who apply after the 1 October deadline, please submit your portfolio or audition video links by 10 January 2022.

International Applicants: please submit your portfolio or audition video links and supporting documents to


Performance applicants – along with your audition video, please send us a list of repertoire that you are performing and the timings for each piece.


We understand that not all of our applicants will have access to the same technology so please be assured that the technology you use to make your audition recording or attend your virtual interview will not put you at a disadvantage.

Our staff are highly skilled at assessing potential via virtual auditions and interviews and will be looking for potential over perfection. However, if you are still concerned about the technology you have access to, please contact us:


Free Auditions: if you are a UK applicant living in the United Kingdom you may be eligible for an audition fee waiver to enable you to audition for free. Please see our Fee Waiver page for more information.

All candidates should note that a second study audition is not required.

Your virtual audition

If you choose to attend a Virtual Audition instead of a live in-person audition, you may be invited to attend a virtual interview. Details of your virtual interview will be submitted to UCAS Conservatoires so please keep a close eye on your UCAS Conservatoires track.

All applicants invited to a virtual interview will need access to a device with a screen, microphone and a webcam. A tablet or laptop with an inbuilt microphone and webcam will work well but you can also use a computer with an external webcam and microphone for your virtual interview. A smartphone with an inbuilt webcam and microphone can also be used by any applicant who will not be required to perform sight reading.

Performance applicants: you may be asked to review a short study/ sight reading to perform to the panel and so you will need access to a device with a screen 7inches (17cm) or larger for your virtual interview.

If you are concerned about the technology you have access to in order to participate in a virtual interview, please contact us:

Tips for your virtual interview


Ensure you have access to a quiet and safe space for your virtual interview. If you will be attending your virtual audition at home, communal spaces like kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms will work best.


Please make sure there is enough light so we can clearly see you during your virtual interview.


You will need a secure internet connection and access to the required video conferencing platform, details of which will be emailed to you with your audition invitation.


Make sure your device is fully charged and/or is plugged into a power source.


You may want to test your camera and microphone before your virtual interview to avoid any potential technical difficulties. Performance applicants – you may also want to practice reading music via your chosen device to prepare for the sight reading element of your audition.

Good luck with your audition preparation. We look forward to meeting you.