Roots by Arnold Wesker

Roots by Arnold Wesker


Date and time
12 Oct 2023 (7:15pm - 9:30pm)
13 Oct 2023 (7:15pm - 9:30pm)
14 Oct 2023 (2:15pm - 4:30pm)
14 Oct 2023 (7:15pm - 9:30pm)

The Crescent Theatre

Sheepcote Street, Birmingham B16 8AE.


£13 (£10)

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Director Gari Jones
Casting by Daniele Sanderson

Seminal play Roots follows the awakening of its central character, Beatie Bryant as she transitions from uneducated working-class girl obsessed with comic-books and her liberal unseen boyfriend Ronnie, to a woman who can express herself and the social struggles of her time.

Wesker explores the importance of education as the only proper tool for people to fight against existing discriminatory social systems, by being able to participate in discussions to improve their conditions.

Infused with raw humour and passion, follow Beatie’s journey to self-discovery as she finds her voice against oppressive forces.

Timeless in its scope, Wesker’s play remains a classic.

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