Jenny Palmer

Graduated in 2010

Jenny Palmer secured her first professional role within months of leaving Birmingham School of Acting and has since taken her talents on tour to Austria.

Every experience I had at Birmingham School of Acting (whether big or small, good or bad, positive or negative), together with the combination of training, advice, people, teachers, directors, shows and the friends I've made and lost, have made me into the working actress I am today. I'm nothing other than proud to be a BSA graduate.

Since leaving BSA in June 2010, I've gained representation from Jessica Jones at Global Artists (through the third year Acting Showcase) and got my first paid acting job in September of the same year. I have also worked in Austria where I was on tour with Vienna's English Theatre.

My best advice is to trust your instincts. Prospective students may feel that a London drama school is the be all and end all but I always felt at home at BSA and wouldn't change my training for anything. BSA makes you into who you are - not who you think you should be.

Within months of leaving Birmingham School of Acting, Jenny Palmer's abilities knew no boundaries as she went on to participate on tours in Austria.