Actor Short Films

Below you'll find a range of videos showcasing graduates from our BA (Hons) Acting course. Please note that some videos may contain strong language and material that some viewers may find offensive.

2019 Graduates

Breaking and Entering

Featuring Rory Dulku, Isabel Haskett-JacksonStephanie Austin and Samuel Van Greuningen.

Sophie and Emma are getting amorous. Unfortunately for them, Sophie's boyfriend turns up.
But he's not alone!

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Featuring Lucie Walker, Clement Charles, Eric MokArieta Visoka

Ray wants to mark a significant moment in his friend Kit’s life.

Moving On

Featuring Amelia Landon, Michael DunbarHarriet Rogers and Robert Wolfe.

Andrew meets his ex and new boyfriend.
Things get strained.

Siege at Turtle Head Point

Featuring Josh Radcliffe, Luke DanielsAngus Easener and Timo Teern.

Lee is desperate and it all ends in a mess!

2018 Graduates

The Escape Room

Featuring Chloë Collins, Hugo von FragsteinAndrew Lake and Caroline Basra.

Jeremy has something he wants to tell his friends.
He thinks up an ‘interesting’ way of communicating it!

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Labour of Love in the Library

Featuring Riley Anderson, Nicole Miners, Mara HufOwen Wilson-Brown and Ruth Mestel.

Fred is enamoured with Catherine in the Library
He is aided in his ‘quest’ by their friends.


Featuring Eleanor Eves, David SamsonNicola Bernardelle and Quinn Richards.

Sophie has invited her ex to her wedding
The only problem is, he is not over her!

The Blood Rite

Featuring Sophie Chandler, Maria BalasoiuFred Parker and Seabert Henry.

A dark foreboding secret ritual.
But it’s not what it seems.