World Premieres in Birmingham


Some of the world's most highly acclaimed musicians gathered in Birmingham for the 2009 International Double Reed Society Conference (IDRS 2009). Celebrating double reed instruments (oboe, bassoon, cor anglais), the event, hosted by Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham City University) drew up to 1000 participants from around the world.

IDRS 2009 made a significant contribution to the double reed repertoire. Tying in with it being the 38 annual conference, 38 composers received world premieres of new works at IDRS 2009 (a total of 40 new works in all). Commissioned composers included leading lights Thea Musgrave (by the International Double Reed Society), Judith Weir (by Birmingham Conservatoire, with support from RVW Trust & Leche Trust), John Woolrich (by City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra) and Isao Matsushita (commissioned by the Japan Bassoon Association).

IDRS 2009 is the first IDRS conference to be held in Britain since 1989 (when it was held in Manchester). Birmingham's contribution was not only the most significant double reed event in the world this year, but the largest programme ever offered at an IDRS conference. Through the new works it has encouraged, its impact is likely to be felt world-wide for decades to come.

The IDRS 2009 public concert series ran from 21-25 July 2009.

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