“We hope to see you in the future and that you return often”

Stephen Maddock

As we reach the end of the academic year, Principal Stephen Maddock wishes students the best knowing that they are equipped with the skills they need to succeed.

Tonight (Friday 14 June) our student musicians reach the end of our academic year, which we celebrate with a concert by the RBC Symphony Orchestra. We will be raising the roof of the Bradshaw Hall with special centenary performances of Respighi’s Pines of Rome and Busoni’s Piano Concerto.

It’s a thrilling way to end a memorable year, and we will also be celebrating the work of many outstanding students – and presenting a number of honorary awards – earlier in the day at our RBC Awards Ceremony. The award-winners have all made brilliant contributions to the life of RBC, as indeed have so many other students, applying themselves to their studies, taking part in ensemble activities and enjoying the full-on experience that a conservatoire training offers.

Those who are moving onto their careers, go with our very best wishes, our fervent hope that their time at RBC has equipped them with a portfolio of the skills that they need, and the wish that they keep in touch with us in future and return often.

Those who are returning have earned a good summer break, which will give them a moment to reflect on everything they have achieved this year, and the chance to consolidate their performance / practice levels with some different experiences across the next few months.

This is also a moment for me to say thank you to our hard-working staff, who have taught, encouraged, cajoled and supported our students every step of the way.

There has been a lot of change within RBC and indeed the wider Birmingham City University (BCU) over the last year, and I am enormously impressed by my colleagues’ ability to take this all in their stride and continue to deliver great results.

My own highlights? Well, there have been far too many to mention but they certainly include our theatre and opera productions – last week’s Hansel and Gretel was magnificent. There was also the exuberance of the Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra at a packed Hockley Social Club last week, the equally joyful performances by the RBC Folk Ensemble, the precision and beauty of the Chamber Choir’s concerts, the creativity of our many composers and some superb chamber and piano recitals.

I look forward to more such experiences next year, as we continue to increase the number and the diversity of our events programme.

In the meantime, I would like to thank you all for your interest in and support of RBC over the last year, and look forward to seeing you here again (and hearing from you) even more frequently next year!

Stephen Maddock


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