University academic and East London youngsters to put on a show with London Symphony Orchestra

Kirsty Devaney

A Birmingham City University researcher has been commissioned to compose a piece of music for the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), to be performed as part of a ground-breaking youth project.

Birmingham-based composer Kirsty Devaney is participating in the LSO’s On Track Project, which will see more than 150 schoolchildren from across East London perform on stage at The Barbican on Thursday 5 July.

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

Birmingham City University

A full orchestra will play bespoke pieces written by Kirsty and fellow composer, James Moriarty, and will include everything from spoken word and electric guitars to the Indian Veena.

Kirsty’s piece, titled ‘Urban Nature’, explores the complex relationships between nature and the city. These two opposing ideas are represented by two distinct musical features: the evolving organic and delicate textures of nature, and the mechanistic, pulsating driving music of the city.

Kirsty said:

“It is an absolute honour to have this opportunity to work with the London Symphony Orchestra and these inspiring students from East London.

“Schemes like this can have an incredibly transformative effect on the students taking part, offering access to some of the best creative music education available. With a wide array of musical instruments and influences involved, we will be creating an exciting and unique sound for the audience to enjoy.”

Kirsty works as a Young Composers Project Leader at Birmingham City University’s Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Co-founded with Professor Joe Cutler, the Project offers a number of free courses and workshops throughout the year, where teenage composers have the opportunity to work closely with Conservatoire students, composers and instrumentalists, as well as professional musicians.

Kirsty is also both a lecturer at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and a Research Assistant in the University’s School of Education, where she is completing a PhD on the assessment, teaching and learning of composing in secondary schools. Kirsty is an alumna of the University, graduating with a degree in Music from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2013.

The concert will be conducted by Elim Chan, with rhythm and dance being the threads tying together music by Beethoven, John Adams and three brand new works – two of which will be the pieces composed by Kirsty and James.

LSO On Track at 10

Thu 5 Jul 2018 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Barbican Hall, London

Tickets: £20 £15 £10 adults; £5 under-18s

£3 online booking fee, £4 telephone booking fee per transaction.

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