'Two Reverse' premières


Jazz students collaborate with Royal Academy of Music alumna to produce their version of the Adrianne Lenker song ‘Two Reverse’.

A band made up of RBC Jazz students Torin Davies on electric guitar, Julien Durand on semi acoustic guitar, Jonno Gaze on drums and Louis Stringer on double bass, will release today (Wednesday) ‘Two Reverse’, a song by American singer-songwriter Adrianne Lenker and featuring Royal Academy of Music alumna Ella Hohnen-Ford on vocals.

Watch the ‘Two Reverse’ session.

This latest release comes on the coat-tails of the band’s version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Marcie’, released earlier this month, which also featured Ella Hohnen-Ford on vocals. Watch the footage of the ‘Marcie’ studio session on YouTube. The session was recorded at Sansom Studios in Birmingham.

Louis, who arranged the Adrianne Lenker and Joni Mitchell covers, has four more collaborations planned featuring singers from RBC and other music institutions.

He said: “Recording with Ella was an absolute joy, and I think we all learned a huge amount from these two sessions. I can't wait to see what the next collaborators can bring to the arrangements and what we might learn from each of them.

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