“The sense of anticipation is really exciting”

Stephen Maddock

Principal Stephen Maddock shares a message ahead of the start of his first autumn term, highlighting his excitement over the return of students, and the arrival of many more, as well as the upcoming performances this year.

Four months since I arrived at RBC, it feels like everything is about to spring to life with the start of my first autumn term. The work of a Conservatoire never stops of course, and over the summer we have been very busy with all kinds of projects relating to the coming year and the longer-term future, as well as hosting some great external events, both musical and non-musical. But with the return of our students – and the arrival of several hundred new ones – the sense of anticipation is really exciting.

One thing that happened over the summer is that the RBC management and admin staff – who had been based in Millennium Point since our building was new in 2017 – have now all moved into the main RBC building or to BCU’s nearby Parkside Building.

In my case this means that I am now based in the Events Office on the first floor, which feels much closer to the heart of things. Ironically we have not quite vacated Millennium Point yet, as our Acting students will be returning there for the autumn term while their new rehearsal facilities at Bromley Street, Digbeth, are being completed. This will be in addition to their continuing presence at Ruskin Hall in Bournville.

I am really looking forward to meeting all our students in the coming weeks, and of course to attending a great many performances and other events over the course of this year. If you see me walking around one of our buildings, do feel free to introduce yourself.

Do keep a regular eye on the What’s On pages of the RBC website to see the many exciting events that we are hosting here over the coming months.

I also look forward to meeting more members of the RBC’s ‘Extended Family’ this autumn: our alumni, audience members, Visiting Tutors, donors and members of the RBC Association.

Thanks again for your support for RBC, and see you soon!

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