The Last Days of Hamlet to premiere

Black and white image of blond man's face wearing glasses, with hand partially covering one eye. Text over image reads: “the last days of hamlet”

The Last Days of Hamlet is a 20-minute film, made as a hybrid of interdisciplinary art, mixing live Zoom theatre, self-filming on a smartphone and video recording to create a short film.

The solo performance is part of Professor of Performing Arts Aleksandar Dundjerovic's experiment with digital performance pedagogies for live and recorded online production in the Centre for Interdisciplinary Performative Arts (CIPA).

The short film is performed by third year Acting student Joel McShane and the music was produced by PhD student in Music and Performing Arts Dani Blanco.

The video performance will premiere on Friday 6 May at 7.30pm on RBC Acting Vimeo. Click here to watch. It will be available for viewing from the event start time, until Friday 20 May.

Professor Aleksandar Dunjerovic said: “I’m very happy with the achievement of The Last Days of Hamlet, including the performance and collaboration between myself and students.

“The Centre for Interdisciplinary Performative Arts is world-leading on practice and pedagogy of Hybrid Zoom live digital theatre. We developed the interdisciplinary methodology as a response to lockdowns and are now exploring trans-global communication and creativity with partners Red Curtain Theatre in India and Os Satyros theatre in Brazil.

“We’re also planning to submit a video to the American Short Film Festival - Filmfreeway.”

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