Global Synth Hackathon Conference 18-21 Jan


The Birmingham edition of a four-day worldwide ‘synth hackathon’, where students from all disciplines can design and building sound bending experiences, will take place between Tuesday 18 and Friday 21 January 2022.

Organised globally by the Synthux Academy and led locally by Birmingham City University Lecturer in Media Technology and Royal Birmingham Conservatoire alumni Dr Niccolo Granieri, the event will see participants receive a surprise box of equipment with which to design a unique electronic instrument.

Teams and their mentors will fabricate a synthesizer based on their provided collection of microcontrollers, sensors, and electronic components.

Industry leaders and manufacturers will serve as mentors for students throughout the event, and the global hackathon will conclude with an online conference on Wednesday 16 and Thursday 17 February, where all participants can meet and connect with industry leaders, and with live performances and technical talks to accompany project presentations.

Speaking ahead of the event, Dr Granieri said “This hackathon will be a great opportunity for students to work together on a project that requires many different skills: from electronics to audio development, all the way to 3D modelling and marketing, product placement and video promotion."

“The final results will be presented at an international online conference where company representatives will attend - a great opportunity to step outside of the academic environment and showcase skills to a broader audience.”

The Synth Hackathon conference will be open to the general public. Sign up to The Synth Hackathon


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