Graduate secures role as ballet school pianist


RBC alumnus Stephen Crewes has taken up a new role as a full-time ballet pianist at Elmhurst School of Dance.

Stephen graduated from RBC with a Postgraduate Certificate in Instrumental Performance in 2019. During his time on the course, he successfully applied to participate in the Ballet Piano Placement scheme at Elmhurst Ballet School, which involved 10 sessions of mentoring and observation with the opportunity to gain experience playing for ballet classes. 

After finishing the scheme he continued to work at the school playing for ballet classes and performances and broadened his experience by playing for Royal Academy of Dance classes and exams too.

He said: "I found the placement scheme an invaluable opportunity to talk with the pianists at the school, learn through observation and apply those lessons practically.

"I was particularly able to build upon my sight-reading and improvisation skills and apply them in class settings. It was a fantastic environment in which to be able to improve my ability and gave me a great foundation from which to move forward with my career.

"I am thrilled to have been offered a full-time position at Elmhurst where I will continue my work and I am very much looking forward to further learning, improving and contributing to the life of the school. All of this wouldn't have been possible without the placement scheme and I give my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it."

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