Ukraine will rise again!

Margaret Fingerhut on a staircase

Visiting Lecturer Margaret Fingerhut has launched a fundraiser and a short video titled ‘Ukraine will rise again!’

Set to a stirring piano piece, this powerful short video is raising funds for British-Ukrainian Aid.

The video was made by Viktoriia Levchenko, a young filmmaker from Ukraine, with music by the Ukrainian composer Sergei Bortkiewicz, who wrote ‘Les Rochers d’Outche-Coche’ in 1908 and was inspired by the mountain scenery in Crimea.

The video has been described as “astonishing” by Norman Lebrecht in Slipped Disc, the classical music news site.

Watch Ukraine will rise again!

Margaret has set up a fundraising page on JustGiving for British-Ukrainian Aid, which has raised over £8,000 so far.

She said: “This charity distributes vital supplies such as ambulances, first aid kits and portable generators. It also provides assistance to victims of the war, such as orphanages, schools, the elderly and more.”

You can contribute to the fundraising page.

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