Indian Tolkien launches new book at RBC

RBC India

RBC hosted bestselling Indian author and diplomat Amish Tripathi in the Bradshaw Hall on 12 October to celebrate the launch of his new book ‘War of Lanka’ published by Harper Collins.

Alongside being a writer, Amish Tripathi is also Minister of Culture and Education with the High Commission of India in the UK.

Since 2010, he has published 10 books, which have collectively sold more than 6 million copies and been translated into more than 20 languages. 

Amish’s ‘Shiva Trilogy’ is the fastest-selling book series in Indian publishing history. ‘War of Lanka’ is a retelling of the epic battle between Hindu deity Ram and the demon king Raavan, after the abduction of Sita, Ram's wife.

Amish Tripathi has been labelled as ‘India's Tolkien and Asia's Paulo Coehlo' by BBC India, and his latest book combines elements of a fast-paced action thriller, historical mythology, and characters writ larger than life akin to any chapter from The Lord of The Rings.

Amish was welcomed by Vice Chancellor Professor David Mba and the evening was chaired by Head of Compliance Anita Virk. Professor of Cultural Studies and Creative Industries Rajinder Dudrah led the author Q&A, with interaction from the audience.

Professor Dudrah said: We are all very impressed with Amish's prolific output of books and his media engagement across different public platforms. The way he brings together a mixture of mythology, history and a vivid imagination, all at once, is enthralling and epic. He certainly gave us much to think about in terms of storytelling, representing religion through fiction in a globalised world, and a glimpse into an idea of a modern India that draws references and inspiration from its ancient past".

Pictured: (centre) Author Amish Tripathi with BCU Vice-Chancellor Professor David Mba.

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