Horn student releases new album

Anabel Voigt

BMus Horn student Anabel Voigt has released the album ‘Farbenspiel’, which formed an integral part of her final-year project at RBC.

Anabel has collaborated with Piano and String students, to demonstrate the versatility of the Tenor Horn, spanning from the Baroque to the present.

Anabel says: “Farbenspiel is the German word for ‘colourplay’ and it represents what I want to achieve on my instrument – to play music with colours and produce colourful sounds. The spectrum of colours offers up a huge variety, something that music does as well. Every piece has its own character, style and mood. The different colour palettes for each piece are represented in the tracklist.”

Farbenspiel includes eight pieces with new arrangements and three new compositions, and intends to show the versatility and possibilities of the Tenor Horn.

There are two pieces with each type of accompaniment – piano, with string ensemble and harpsichord, with Brass Band and solo/unaccompanied – all representing different colours of sound and moods.

Farbenspiel is available on CD and an online download here.

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