Alumni Emily Abdy headlines BRC’s new release


Birmingham Record Company (BRC) have released a new body of work titled ‘Anthem’, which is a compilation of live recordings from young composers with an association to Birmingham, and RBC’s very own Emily Abdy headlines the release.

Anthem brings together new live recordings from five creative composers who make striking and unconventional music. Each track on this diverse compilation deals with the liveness of music: that powerful experience of witnessing musicians on stage, in person, in the present.

The slow-burning title track from Music Alumni Emily Abdy presents a quietly vulnerable sound world that is equal parts haunting and powerful, drawing influence from the unlikely combination of classical violin training and local open-mic nights.

Composer and performer Andy Ingamells, who features in Anthem, said: “I'm particularly excited about it because it includes music from Ryan Latimer and Radio 3's Freeness presenter Corey Mwamba. The title track by up-and-coming guitar-toting young composer Emily Abdy is an intense slow burner.”

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