Bass Tutor awarded Fellowship

Jazz bassist Dan Casimir

Alumnus, bass tutor and composer Dan Casimir has been awarded a Fellowship from the Arts Foundation Future Awards to develop his jazz composition practice.

Dan is an influential figure within the UK Jazz scene, and with the £10,000 award, he will have unconditional financial support from the Arts Foundation to create more original work.

Dan released his debut album ‘Boxed In’ in 2021, which merges the sound of new UK jazz with classical orchestration and was named one of the top albums for 2021 by Vinyl Factory. The album also saw Dan being named ‘Jazz Instrumentalist of the Year’ by Jazz FM.

Dan’s latest project, ‘Balance’ will be released by Jazz re:freshed this year. The album merges a full big band made up of leading figures from the UK Jazz scene, with a string section from the London Contemporary Orchestra.

You can listen to Dan here.

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