Christmas Love

Christmas Love video

Postgraduate vocal student Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon has released a collaborative video entitled ‘Christmas Love’, featuring current and former Conservatoire students.

The video has evolved from an online singing course created by Salwan during lockdown, which has involved participants from across the world, and featured students and tutors from RBC as guest artists.

Salwan has worked together with musicians and sound engineers at the Conservatoire to create ‘Christmas Love’, and is releasing it in partnership with the Welcome Organisation in Belfast and other homelessness charities.

The music was written by Salwan, with lyrics co-written with course participants. The message of the song is one of love, togetherness and it raises awareness of homeless people, particularly at Christmas.

The video features current MMus Vocal student Wan Tat Cheah, who also edited the video, plus recent MMus graduates Zhiyue Chen singing and Griff Wadkin on cello.

The recording was arranged by current BSc Music technology students Fabian Cook, Matthew Connell, and William Wilson, along with recent BMus graduate Oliver Parker.

Salwan said: “During lockdown, I noticed quite a few multi-video music videos being shown on TV and online as live performances were not permitted to take place. This gave me the idea to make a similar type of video for the online singing course that I started during lockdown, where course participants and teachers would come together to make a Christmas music video. 

“Our song emphasises the power of love and connectedness, and brings awareness to those in vulnerable positions within society. The video features 12 musicians from around the world, and is made up of professionals, students and community musicians. I am indebted to the wonderful team of students at the Conservatoire who have made this production possible and to the course teachers and participants who have submitted videos for the project.”

The video is available to watch here.

More information about the singing course can be found at

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