International connections at Cheltenham Jazz Festival


Jazz students from RBC made international connections by forming quintets with students from partnering music schools for a performance at Cheltenham Jazz Festival (CJF).

The students linked up with other students from Siena Jazz in Italy and Hochschule for Music and Theatre (HfMT) in Hamburg, Germany. After just one day of rehearsal, they took their performances to Symphony Hall’s Jennifer Blackwell Performance Space, and the CJF’s stages at the Hotel du Vin and Parabola Arts Centre.

Quintet 1 was made up of Dan Lockheart (saxophone), Torin Davies (guitar), Joe Kessell (bass), Dom Johnson (drums) and, from Siena, Iacopo Teolis (trumpet).

Head of Jazz Jeremy Price said: “We haven’t been able to send international quintets to CJF for two years, so we were delighted to be able to work with colleagues at Siena and Hamburg to recreate this opportunity. It’s always amazing to see how quickly these quintets gel in their rehearsal day. All three quintets got great reactions from audiences who’ve been starved of live jazz.”

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