BSA students gain screen acting experience

School of Acting courses

Birmingham City University

Birmingham School of Acting third year students Iona Crampton, Daniel Lipton and Niamh Finlay are starring in Kon-Tiki, the new music video by English indie band Ultrasound. Production support also came from Adam Fray, a BSA alumnus.

'Working with Andrew Rutter for Ultrasound's epic Kon-Tiki was a riveting yet genuinely challenging experience. There were several day to night shoots which ranged from terrains such as kneeling on a bed in a vest and boxers in Wolverhampton forest at 1am to freezing on a raft in the middle of Lake Bala. After watching the finished product, I took a large amount of pride in the work and I am rather excited to see what opportunities could branch from it,' Daniel said.

Students involving themselves in projects alongside their degree is a fantastic way for them to put what they have learnt during their course into practice. It is also a chance for the students to learn new skills and create useful contacts. Experiences such as these gives students alternative career paths that they may not have thought about originally.

Social media is one example of how students can look out for small local projects. Iona Crampton got the job via Facebook after seeing that the group required a female actress with brown hair. 

'Working on the Ultrasound music video was a great experience for us all. It opened our eyes to the long hours and focus you need to maintain for these sorts of shoots. It tested our ability to just throw ourselves into whatever you’re asked to do and always be professional. It was amazing to work with such a great team and quality equipment, the final product is beautiful and we are all very proud to have been involved'

Watch the video for Ultrasound's Kon-Tiki below:

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