Birmingham student wins international piano prize


A Birmingham Conservatoire student is celebrating after winning the Young Pianist Prize at one of the most important competitions for young musicians across the globe.

The 24 Young Musician International Competition, otherwise known as ‘Città di Barletta’, took place in south eastern Italy’s city of Barletta last month.

24 year-old Fan Yu Kevin, originally from Taiwan, played pieces by Bach, Beethoven and Etude, before being crowned the Absolute 1 Prize winner of the Young Pianist Prize as well as being awarded a solo recital next year in Italy.

Fan Yu Kevin, currently studying Instrumental Performance at Birmingham Conservatoire, part of Birmingham City University, said: “I was very surprised to win as I was the youngest competitor in the competition. The standard was really high so I’m very happy.

“I look forward to returning to Italy next year where I will bring some new repertoires.”

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