Graduation Ceremonies

Use the date and time of your ceremony to find information on registrations, guest tickets, gowning and more.

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Your graduation ceremony marks the end of an era, but also celebrates new beginnings as you embark on your career or continue with more in-depth study.

Summer 2022 graduation dates

We're pleased to announce dates for BCU graduation ceremonies this summer at Symphony Hall in Birmingham, including dates for ceremonies which were postponed in January 2022. 

Choose from the list below to see ceremony dates for your School or Institute. If you are eligible to attend a ceremony this summer, you will receive an invite from the University from 19 April 2022 to confirm your ceremony date and time.

Summer 2022 graduates

For current students expecting to complete their studies by 27 June 2022

If you are a student currently studying with us and due to complete teaching and assessment and be awarded your degree at an examination board by 27 June 2022, you will be invited to reserve a place at a ceremony taking place between 11-14 July. Places should be reserved before awards are confirmed as registration will close in May.

If you have completed your studies but you were awarded your degree after 26 November 2021, you will also be invited to a ceremony between 11-14 July.

Postponed January 2022 events

For graduates who completed their studies in 2020 or the summer of 2021

If you achieved your degree award before 26 November 2021 and had been expecting a graduation ceremony in January 2022, you will be invited to a ceremony across eight dates between 15 July and 31 August. You should await an official invitation email from 19 April 2022 and onwards, for the specific date and time of your ceremony.

The date and time of your ceremony

Each ceremony is designed to be unique to your cohort. This means that you will not be able to swap to an alternative ceremony even if it’s held by the same Faculty. 

Based on feedback from our graduates invited to ceremonies planned for January 2022, we have staggered the ceremonies for those in healthcare and education professions, many of whom are now working within our region. With these taking place across several days, we hope that many of you will be able to secure time away from work to join us at your ceremony.

What happens next?

We have included some useful information below to help you plan ahead for your ceremony. If you have any questions, please email us at More information will be released when registration opens, so please keep checking this page for updates.

1. Reserving your place

Official invitations to reserve a place will be sent out via email from 19 April 2022. The invitation will be sent to your personal email address and BCU email address, if still in use.

Once you have received your email invitation, register your place online via the MySRS portal as soon as possible. Your own ticket/seat is free of charge and it will be handed to you on the day of your ceremony at our registration desk, but you must reserve your place in advance to tell us that you are planning on attending. Once you have successfully completed your registration online, you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours. If you haven’t received your email confirmation within 48 hours, please email us at

Online registration will be open for three weeks and we will not be able to accommodate late registrations. Please register online for your ceremony if you wish to attend even if you haven’t received your award as you will still qualify if your School confirms your award by Monday 27 June 2022. You can also tell us that you don’t want to attend your ceremony by declining your invitation via the MySRS portal, however please note that we will not be able to re-invite you to a future ceremony if you choose this option.

If you cannot access the MySRS portal, or you have any questions, please email us at

2. Paying any outstanding academic related fees

Graduates are not able to attend a ceremony if there is any outstanding academic debt owing to the University. However, a place can still be reserved provided that the amount is paid before Monday 27 June 2022.

Please contact if you need to discuss any outstanding financial obligation to the University. If you still have outstanding academic debt owing to the University by 27 June 2022 but have registered to attend a ceremony, your reserved place will be withdrawn. You will also be responsible for cancelling any gown and photography packages and/or guest tickets that have been booked.

Graduates will be invited to a future ceremony subject to clearing all financial obligation to the University and will need to complete the registration process again at that point to reserve a place.

3. Ordering your cap, gown and photography

Once you have reserved your place and registration has closed, you will be able to book your cap, gown and photography package. We will email you with a link when your gowning and photography packages are available to book. You can only book a gown and your photography if you have reserved a seat for your ceremony.

4. Booking your guest tickets

Your own ticket/seat is free of charge, however you must register your attendance online by the registration deadline before you can purchase any guest tickets. Once you have reserved your place and registration has closed, we will email you to let you know when you can book your guest tickets. Each graduate is eligible to order up to two guest tickets initially. This is to allow every graduate an equal chance to share their day with friends and family. Additional tickets may become available at a later date.

5. Confirming your award

If you are still working towards your award, your ceremony invite is subject to you successfully completing your course. Therefore, your award must be confirmed by your School’s Examination Board by Monday 27 June 2022. If for any reason your award isn’t confirmed, your invite will be withdrawn, and you will be invited to a future ceremony. Please note that, in this case, you will be required to register again if you wish to attend a future ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies FAQs

When will my ceremony specific date and time will be confirmed?

We will be sending out email invitations which will contain the specific date and time of your ceremony – expect to receive this from 19 April 2022.

I hold several awards, or I am due to be awarded on multiple courses at BCU – will I have more than one ceremony to attend?

If you have successfully completed, or are due to complete, more than one award with us, and haven’t had the opportunity to attend an award ceremony since January 2020, you will receive separate invitations for each award. You will receive further details about this in your email invitation.

If I have registered for the postponed January 2022 ceremonies, will I be required to complete online registration again?

Yes, we ask that you complete online registration for the replacement ceremonies this summer to secure your place as the schedule of events has changed since January.

I didn't register for the January 2022 ceremonies as I couldn’t attend those dates. Can I now be invited to the rearranged ceremonies?

Yes. All students invited to attend the January 2022 ceremony will be given the opportunity to register for the re-arranged ceremony.

How long will registration be open for?

Online registration will be open for three weeks from the point you receive your official invitation email.

What if I cannot access the MySRS portal?

Please email us at with your BCU student ID number and we will be happy to help.

When will I be able to book guest tickets and order my gown and photography package?

You will be able to book your guest tickets, gowning and photography once you have reserved your ceremony place with us. We will then contact you by email when gowning, photography and guest tickets are available to book.

How do I get my degree certificate?

Certificates will be posted out to you upon request following your award being confirmed. You will receive an email from the University when your certificate and transcript are available with instructions to request these. Digital certificates will also be provided automatically after an award has been confirmed. You will be emailed about this too, but any further details can be found on our Digital Certificates page