Graduation ceremonies

Outstanding academic related debt

All students who are eligible to attend the ceremonies will receive an invitation and are able to register their intention to attend their award ceremony. However, this is on the understanding that any outstanding academic-related debt is cleared in full by Friday 18 November 2022.

If the University Finance Department cannot confirm receipt to clear any outstanding debt in full by this date, your ceremony invitation will be withdrawn and you will be invited to a future ceremony subject to settling your debt in full.

You will also be responsible for cancelling any gown and photography packages and/or guest tickets that have been booked.

If you do recognise that fees are owed and wish to make a payment, you can do this securely online using our payment portal.

If you wish to contact the University regarding your outstanding debt or have any queries about your financial status, email the Credit Collections Team at and please quote your student ID number in the e-mail subject header.