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Centre for Applied Psychology - Our Research Seminars 350x263 - People at a desk Throughout the academic year, the Centre for Applied Psychology run open seminars for visiting lecturers to showcase their research.

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We'll update this page when the new set of seminars is announced for the second semester of 2018.

Previous Seminars
Previous Seminars

Psychology Research Seminar Series Semester 1 2017-18 Extracts

27 September 2017

Dr Louise Bunce (Oxford Brookes University)
The emergence of the student consumer in higher education and its implications for learning and teaching

4 October 2017

Prof Joydeep Bhattacharya (Goldsmiths, University of London)
Creativity: Through Advanced Brain Mapping and Stimulation

18 October 2017

Dr Marie Poirier (City, University of London)
Knowledge effects on short-term memory for visual items: Do you remember what you see or what you know?

1 November 2017

Dr Silvio Aldrovandi (Birmingham City University)
Risk preferences: Domain and priming effects

15 November 2017

Dr Bastiaan Rutjens (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)         
Evaluations of science and scientists

27 November 2017

Professor Martin Hagger (Curtin University, Western Australia)
Ego-depletion: Updates on replication and mechanisms, and implications for health behaviour

29 November 2017

Dr Elisa Lewis (London South Bank University)
A mixed methods study of mental health and wellbeing in different UK undergraduate student populations

13 December 2017

Professor Graham Braithwaite (Cranfield University)
The role of Human Factors in improving aviation safety