Psychology Research Seminars

Throughout the academic year, the Centre for Applied Psychology run open seminars for visiting lecturers to showcase their research.

Below, you'll find information on our next seminar, as well as information about upcoming and past events. Check back regularly to find out more details about what the Psychology Research Seminar Series has in store.

Next Seminar

18 October 2017, 3pm - 4pm, C271

Dr Marie Poirier (City, University of London)
Knowledge effects on short-term memory for visual items: Do you remember what you see or what you know?

It is well established that factors based on our knowledge of the language—such as lexicality, familiarity, and concreteness—have a sizable impact on immediate memory for verbal material. Recently, a number of studies have also examined the effects of prior knowledge on immediate memory for the visual properties of items. In this talk, I will review studies from our lab that explored the influence of multiple levels of knowledge on visual working memory (VWM).

In line with previous findings, our results show an overall central-tendency bias whereby items are remembered as being closer to the overall average or central tokens than they actually are. Moreover, when object-level knowledge is available for the to-be-remembered items, a further object-based bias is apparent in responses.

These results extend findings reported for episodic memory to VWM and contribute to the growing literature which illustrates the complexity and flexibility of the representations subtending VWM performance (e.g. Bae, Olkkonen, Allred, & Flombaum, 2015; Hemmer & Steyvers, 2009). The reported results fit well with models that assume that both immediate and long-term memory rely on the same representation and reconstruction mechanisms.

Upcoming Seminars
Upcoming Seminars
1 November 2017

Dr Silvio Aldrovandi (Birmingham City University)
Risk preferences: Domain and priming effects

15 November 2017

Dr Bastiaan Rutjens (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Evaluations of science and scientists

27 November 2017

Professor Martin Hagger (Curtin University, Western Australia)
Ego-depletion: Updates on replication and mechanisms, and implications for health behaviour

29 November 2017

Dr Elisa Lewis (London South Bank University)
A mixed methods study of mental health and wellbeing in different UK undergraduate student populations

13 December 2017

Professor Graham Braithwaite (Cranfield University)
The role of Human Factors in improving aviation safety