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Next Seminar

10 Octobery 2018
3pm-4pm, C281

Dr Jack Rogers (Birmingham City University)
Conduct Disorder in Female and Male Youths: Preliminary Findings from a Large Scale European Consortium Project.

The prevalence of mental health disorders in adolescents has seen a sharp rise with approximately 50% of lifetime mental disorders beginning before age 14 (75% by age 24). Despite a synergistic effort to better understand how brain maturation promotes normal cognitive development, what causes this development to be derailed in people at-risk for psychiatric conditions remains unclear.

Conduct disorder (CD) is one prevalent childhood psychiatric disorder characterised by aggressive, antisocial and oppositional/defiant behaviours during childhood and adolescence, often leading to referral to mental health services and incurring substantial individual, familial and societal costs. Meta-analytic neuroimaging evidence has shown abnormal neural responses and reductions in grey matter volume in youths with CD across a number of cortical and subcortical regions critical for emotion processing and regulation, decision-making, executive functions and empathic responding.

The FemNAT-CD project is a large-scale Europe-wide study using multimodal approaches and multiple levels of analyses to identify biomarkers and environmental risk factors implicated in the development and persistence of CD in female and male youths.

Preliminary findings from the FemNAT-CD project will be discussed with a focus on the neurobiological correlates of CD identified through epigenetics, autonomic nervous system responsivity, neuropsychological performance, and structural and functional neuroimaging.  

Upcoming Seminars
Upcoming Seminars
24 October 2018
3pm-4.30pm, C281

Dr Keeley Abbott and Dr Annalise Weckesser (Birmingham City University)
The VQ: Challenging stigma around menstruation, menopause and female pleasure

7 November 2018
3pm-4pm, C140b

Professor Gail Kinman (University of Bedfordshire)
Improving Wellbeing in Academics

21 November 2018
3pm-4pm, C281

Dr Laura Hammond (Birmingham City University)
The Geography of Crime

16 January 2019 and 23 January 2019
3pm-4.30pm, C281

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