Resilient Environments Centre

The centre publishes work in progress for comment and development, and reports on completed research. Suggestions for papers should be addressed to Peter Larkham. All drafts are subject to peer review using staff from the University and, where appropriate, external advisors. Intending contributors should follow the Guidance for Authors.

Published papers

Working Paper no. 25 Working Paper no. 25 (2013) Sustainable capacity development for the provision of sustainable energy solutions for buildings: what environmental business values are necessary? Tochukwu Ben Onyido, David Boyd and Niraj Thurairajah (15 pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-75-0)

Working Paper no. 24 Working Paper no. 24 (2013) Trying to close the loop: post-war ring roads in Manchester Richard Brook and Matthew Jarvis (36 pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-74-3)

Working Paper no. 23 Working Paper no. 23 (2013) Walking in the Modern city: pedestrian experiences of post-war Birmingham D. Adams (16 pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-73-6)

Working Paper no. 22 (2013) Infrastructure and the rebuilt city after the Second World War edited by Peter J. Larkham (107 pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-72-9)

Working Paper no. 21 (2013) Continual change: a century of urban conservation in England Peter J. Larkham (22 pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-61-3)

Working Paper no. 20 (2013) The Balanced European Conservation Approach (BECA) - behaviour change in social housing Beck Collins (14pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-71-2)

Working Paper no. 19 (2013) Extending the idea of social capital: applications for community leaders Beck Collins and David Boyd (12pp, ISBN 978-1-904839-69-9)

Working Paper no. 18 (2013) Food and the city: a commentary on the current rhetoric Salford University's Cultural Economy Students and Michael Hardman (10pp; ISBN 979-904839-68-2)

Working Paper no. 17 (2013) Building a 'bigger society': going beyond the 'usual suspects' in a local community training programme Peter J. Larkham, Michael Hardman, Alister Scott, Rachel Curzon and Julian Lamb (23pp; ISBN 979-904839-67-5)

Working Paper no. 16 (2013) The London Regional Reconstruction Committee: architects, exhibitions, and post-war visions for replanning Peter J. Larkham (26pp; ISBN 979-904839-66-8)

Working Paper no. 15 (2013) Protected areas: origins, criticisms and contemporary issues for outdoor recreation Jenny Smith (20pp; ISBN 979-904839-65-1)

Working Paper no. 14 (2012) Cliff-side caverns: former and contemporary uses in Dordogne Royston Edge (17pp; ISBN 979-1-904839-62-0)

Working Paper no. 13 (2012) The use and design of rural public spaces in Slovakia: a participant observation approach Barbora Lipovská (21pp; ISBN 979-1-904839-60-6)

Working Paper no. 12 (2012) Shaped by memory: oral histories of post-war modernist architecture David Adams (13pp; ISBN 979-1-904839-59-0)

Working Paper no. 11 (2012) Partnerships: Pandora's box or panacea for rural development? Alister Scott (20pp; ISBN 979-1-904839-58-3)

Working Paper no. 10 (2012) Synthesising equitable spatial engagement: the 'something more' of planning? David Chapman (15pp; ISBN 979-1-904839-56-9)

Working Paper no. 9 (2012) Stories from the 'Big Heart of England': architects' narratives of the post-war reconstruction of Birmingham David Adams (64pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-55-2)

Working Paper no. 8 (2011) The post-war reconstruction planning of London: a wider perspective Peter J. Larkham and David Adams (58pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-54-5)

Working Paper no. 7 (2011) Inside outside: spatial planning and small islands David Chapman (32pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-53-8)

Working Paper no. 6 (2011) Well-being, young people and 'home' Veronica Coatham and Suzanne Lazarus (13pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-52-1)

Working Paper no. 5 (2011) Increasing levels of public participation in planning using web 2.0 technology Christopher Twitchen and David Adams (14pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-50-7)

Working Paper no. 4 (2011) The perceptions of property developers: approaches to the process of development Terri Knight (18pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-47-7).

Working Paper no. 3 (2011) Moving from knowledge management to expertise management: a problem of contexts David Boyd and Mark Addis (13pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-46-0).

Working Paper no. 2 (2011) Questioning planning history Peter J. Larkham (15pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-45-3).

Working Paper no. 1 (2011) Understanding guerrilla gardening: an exploration of illegal cultivation in the UK Michael Hardman (17pp; ISBN 978-1-904839-44-6).