RELU Project Final Report

Final report: Managing Environmental Change at the Rural-Urban Fringe

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Issue 01 - November 2010

Issue 02 - July 2011

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The Rural-Urban Fringe - Forgotten Opportunity Space?

Planning policy has consistently struggled to adapt to the multiple demands and rapidly changing nature of development within the rural-urban fringe, but Alister Scott and Claudia Carter argue that marrying the ecosystem approach with spatial planning provides a useful means of managing such spaces effectively.

Please see full paper in Scott A J and Carter 2011 The Rural Urban Fringe - Forgotten Opportunity Space? Town and Country Planning May/June 2011 231-234.

Managing Environmental Change at the Rural-Urban Fringe

An innovative interdisciplinary project funded by the Rural Economy and Land Use Programme led by Professor Alister Scott is assessing the prospects for managing environmental change at the rural-urban fringe. Read the full article.

Major academic paper

A major 30,000 word paper with contributions from the whole project team has just been published in Progress in Planning.

Scott, A.J. (2013, as lead author) 'Disintegrated development at the rural-urban fringe: re-connecting spatial planning theory and practice', Progress in Planning vol. 83 pp. 1-52 (with 21 colleagues from the RELU project).