Expertise in context

Practice may be more complex than previously thought! Practitioners need to make judgements that do not require a repertoire of reasons to accomplish. ‘Expertise-in-Context’ addresses this paradox by helping us to comprehend how intuitive capacity is developed, applied in practice, and improved. This project has been driven by the philosophical interests of Professor Mark Addis and the practitioner research interests of Professor David Boyd. This unique collaboration has evolved over the last four years and has delivered three major achievements.

Expertise conference, with Hubert Dreyfus

  • Funding from the AHRC for a Philosopher in Residence in Construction Companies
  • A major international conferences on Expertise in Context: Integrating Theory and Applications (9-10 October 2008)
  • Funding from the University's Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning Applying Expertise in Context to Improve Vocational Education