Christopher Savva

BSc (Hons) Sound Engineering and Production

As part of my course, I got to undertake a placement with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry doing anti-piracy work, working with the major record labels on content protection and pre-release protection of singles and albums. I was responsible, along with my team, for being on the front line, working with the major record labels and our contacts there, looking out for potential leaks of pre-released material.

It was definitely a new experience for me and I gained a lot of associated skills; I ended up presenting to international members from all over the world at a conference where high-flying people from the labels attended and I gained a lot just by being in that kind of professional environment, working with people who’d been in the industry for a number of years and who are truly professional and excelled in what they did; it was an inspiring experience for me definitely, and one that I’d recommend to anybody else on any course.

I was also privileged to be asked to work at EMI for a week, which was really good experience, and then I was also taken on at Sony RCA Records for a week and assisted with their marketing department. It was great to see all angles of what we did – having been looking after and watching out for people’s content online, to see what the experience was from their side as well was really good; I got a lot out of that.

I think the placement definitely influences your ongoing ambitions and helps them develop; making these contacts was invaluable and I’m following that up now.I’m still in in contact with the people I’ve worked with and worked for and I’m pursuing a career now based on what I encountered last year in the industry.  I’d definitely encourage people to take a placement no matter what discipline you’re studying, as you can’t get that experience any other way apart from being out there. When you’re competing with everyone else to get relatively few jobs, you need every bit of experience you can get and every insight, and it can also save you time – you gain a better idea of what you want to be doing so you can really focus your attention to that end.