Student Support

The Learning Centre houses 30 computers, all of which have an internet connection. All the computers have either CD-RW or DVD-RW drives – most also contain DVD players. All computers run Microsoft Windows XP Pro and come with Microsoft Office 2003 (shortly to be upgraded to 2007).

They are organised into tables of six. Most of the machines run the same software, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Director, Flash, MATLAB, XCAD Premiere, and various programming environments (eg Borland C++, Dev C++, Netbeans and Visual Studio). However, some of the lower-spec machines may not run all the higher-end software.

A Search for Software function is available on the Learning Centre website, so students can check on the location of specific software.

Wireless services allow you to access University web-based services and the internet from a laptop. Please ask at the main desk in the Learning Centre for the wireless connection instructions.

Students can print, scan and photocopy from any of the Canon MultiFunction Devices. Printing and photocopying is available at 5p per A4 mono sheet and 25p per A4 colour sheet using your Uniflow account. Ask at the main desk for details of how to purchase credits for your account.

The Learning Centre also provides three high-quality A3 colour inkjet printers for students’ use; three, two flatbed scanners (two with OCR facilities) and a plotter for printing A1 posters.

CD collections

Students can purchase a range of CD-ROMs from the Learning Centre. These include a comprehensive collection of Open Source software titles and compilations of applications specific to various courses offered at the Faculty.

Programming support

If you’re new to programming or need help with C, C++, VBA, Visual Basic .NET or basic Java, please contact a member of the ICT Support team and we will try to help.