How to stop procrastinating

Procrastination (noun). The action of delaying or postponing something - let's be honest, you're probably doing that right now. As fun as it is to binge on Netflix instead of revising all day, putting things off and procrastinating can actually lead to anxiety. Follow our tips to become more productive.

Overcoming procrastination

The person who can find a cure for procrastination will no doubt become a millionaire. Possibly even a billionaire. And that’s because there is no method to fully stop our minds wandering. But there are techniques to help us stay focused and on task.

1. Try counting down from three

When you hit one, dive straight into the task you are meant to be completing. This helps give you something to aim for.

2. Make sure you reward yourself

Our student Rimah Nusaybah recommends "putting something you enjoy doing after studying on your timetable." This allows you to feel like you’ve got something positive to look forward to once you’ve completed your work. This, in turn, keeps you motivated to complete what you need to get done.

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3. Study with friends

Dr Paraic Scanlon suggests a study group may be the way to go on improving procrastination. "Tips at improving [include] active engagement in peer-led study sessions to focus your learning, outside of the formal classroom. Having a group of friends as a study group really can help focus your mind on learning!"

4. Set a time limit

Pop on a good concentration playlist and set a Pomodoro timer. The Pomodoro technique means you only have to concentrate on your revision for 20 or so minutes, then you can have a five-minute break. Knowing that the end of your revision session is in sight can motivate you to get started.

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