What are the best apps for revision?

Are you always getting distracted by your phone when you’re trying to revise? Use it to your advantage and download some of these handy apps that make your phone a revision tool instead of a distraction.

For revision on the move


Quizlet is a great way to make sure all your revision is at your fingertips, as you can pop your notes onto digital revision cards within the app.

Once you’ve uploaded your flashcards, you can use them to play different games and test yourself in lots of different ways, so it’s perfect for keeping revision interesting.


Anki takes flashcards to the next level. This app uses advanced techniques to space out your studying, helping you remember things for longer.

You can create advanced flashcards that adapt to your learning style for maximised memorisation.


If you’re studying for GCSEs or A-Levels, then Seneca has lots of content pre-loaded into the app, so you don’t even have to spend time uploading it yourself!

You can complete quizzes, word fills and games whilst being rewarded for the number of tasks you complete.

To get organised


Evernote allows you to compile all your notes into one place. You can take pictures of handwritten notes, scribbles on a post-it note and your teacher’s whiteboard and turn them into digital documents. You can then edit these documents to turn them into useful revision notes.


Having a revision timetable and prioritising certain subjects is key to exam success. TimeTree is a calendar app that’s a handy visual aid to see which tasks you need to complete each day and when you have a deadline coming up.

You can colour code each subject or task, create notes and set yourself reminders.

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To stay on track


Forest is designed to keep you off your phone and focus on revision. You can plant a tree which will only grow if you leave your phone alone for a set period of time. If you go on your phone, the tree dies.

It’s surprising how motivating it can be to see your forest grow as a result of your hard work!

To look after yourself

Calm or Headspace

If you’re feeling anxious about your exams or need help switching off from revision, these apps can help. They have a range of mindfulness and meditation techniques that can ease anxiety and help you sleep or relax.

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