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Check out a few useful tips – all so you’re better prepared for your exams.

1. Over-confident

There’s no stopping you. You’ve done everything you need. You don’t even have to revise anymore because as far as you know, you’re good to go. You’ve smashed your mocks, so you’re obviously going to smash the real deal! Right?

Top Tip

Although being confident is a great asset, we all have our weaknesses. Look for areas you may be able to improve on like exam technique and keep testing yourself. Remember your exams may have questions that are completely different to your mocks and exam preps. Make sure you cover all areas, not just the ones you’re confident about and make sure you’ve not missed anything. Better safe than sorry! Check out tips for managing your wellbeing during exams.

2. Bag of nerves

As soon as you think about exams, your heart beats faster and your whole world tumbles down. No matter how much you know about your subjects, you can’t stop fearing the worst.

Top Tip

Stressing out about exams is normal but don’t let your nerves get in the way of you passing your exams. Relaxation techniques, a bit of fresh air and short spells of revision will help you. Our student Tina says: “Do something that relaxes you the night before an exam such as having a bath or playing a game so that you are not cramming and stressing". Check out tips for exam stress.

3. Procrastinator

If you had to choose between revision and, well basically anything else, you'd choose the other thing. You understand deadlines but there's nothing like leaving it till the last minute right?

Top Tip

Learn to prioritise by giving yourself set study periods. If you think you’ll cheat, ask parents to help by hiding your phone or put it on aeroplane mode and use an app like Forest that rewards you for revision. Our student Shah says: "Keep your phone switched off! As tempting as it may be to message your friends or scroll through social, revision comes first!". Read more tips to help you beat procrastination.

4. Caffeine-driven

All-nighters are your go-to revision technique. You never leave the house without a coffee and extra energy drinks in your bag, you know, just in case... But all those coffees and lack of sleep can be detrimental to your health and study.

Top Tip

5. Super student

You’re the most organised in the class and have everything in check. You are motivated, focused and ready to go! You know how important your education is and spend your days learning in the library or with friends.

Top Tip

All your hard work will soon be paying off. Make sure you plan breaks into your revision sessions and do things you enjoy closer to your exams to give your brain a chance to rest. It's just as important to give your brain time to process information and store it in your long term memory.

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