Coping with revision: student tips

So you've got your revision timetable and made your flashcards, but sometimes it can be hard to stick to your plans. Our students share their experiences going through the realities of revision and some top tips of how to beat distractions, keep calm and manage your time.

Beating revision struggles - Shumi's tips

It's so hard to get any revision done when there are so many distractions everywhere! Our third year media student Shumi shares some tips about how you can pull through it all and study for your exams more effectively.

Best ways to revise - Shelby's tips

Are mind maps better than flashcards? Shelby prefers flashcards and will tell you why in this video. She also recommends treating yourself to keep yourself motivated - with food!

Avoiding distraction when revising! - Saaliyah's tips

It can be tough sometimes to concentrate on the job in hand, Saaliyah has some tips to help combat this, as well as some advice on the best places to revise!

Avoiding exam stress - Mary's top tips

It's hard to avoid feeling the pressure when you've got exams coming up but it's important to not let it get on top of you. Our student Mary shares her top tips to help you chill a bit!

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George's time management tips

Struggling to manage your time for revision? It can seem overwhelming when you're not sure when you are going to get all your work done. Our student George is here to help! He shares his top tips for keeping on top of everything - including getting some fresh air!

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