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Jessica's Story

Jessica green proifle

Jessica has thrown herself into student life at Birmingham City University, taking advantage of the wide range of student societies, representing the University to prospective students and getting to know the exciting city of Birmingham. She has also enjoyed the supportive environment, the course’s focus on the latest technology and the many opportunities to work on group projects.  

“I chose to study at BCU for multiple reasons, mainly for the course as I felt it suited what I wanted to do best, but also because Birmingham is not too far away from my home town of Cardiff. The course content includes a lot of technical stuff and I felt I wouldn’t get bored easily as technology is always updating and I’d like to keep up with that. The University has many facilities that can be rented out of hours, which I have used to borrow a camera lens to try something new.

“The thing I’ve enjoyed most about my course is the way it allows me to work with my friends – because it’s so practically-based, we can easily work together as a group or come together to work on our studies, whether that’s going to the library and having a study session or going to each other houses.

“I have a part-time job as a student ambassador, which includes working open and visit days, talking to potential future students and their parents, helping them find their way round and just being a friendly face. My main job, however, is to work with schools and colleges when they visit our University, including doing Q&As with them, taking them on tours and joining in with the activities they’re set to do. I really enjoy this job as it gets me talking and meeting new people, and I like helping people and talking about my University which I am very proud of, plus it works around my timetable.

“There’s also the Centre for Academic Success, plus there are plenty of other people such as the Student Success Advisors or people at the ASK desk, or anyone in the Students’ Union.

“Student life in Birmingham is awesome; it’s such a big city so there are loads of clubs to go out to! There’s also plenty of societies to join – I’ve been a part of quite a few, such as Rock Climbing which I still do every Wednesday, Doctor Who and Fandoms society, Gaming Society, Rock Society – not to be confused with rock climbing! – and lots more. What’s good about studying in Birmingham for me is that it’s a completely different city from Cardiff; I get to discover a whole new place while also learning on a course that I love.”