What are the career paths with a marketing degree?

Marketing is a key part of modern business. It used to be enough to just put an advert in the local newspaper. But now businesses can operate around the world, the need to stand out from the crowd gets more and more important every year!

This is why Marketing degrees are some of the most popular at universities. But you may be wondering exactly what jobs you can expect to apply for after you graduate.

So here is our list of which career paths are open to Marketing students.

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Working in a marketing department could mean you’ll be working on a lot of small projects that all help with a bigger marketing campaign.

Marketing officers and assistants are typically tasked with creating marketing material that is in line with a brand’s identity. This can include leaflets, images and videos. Each individual piece works in tandem with other marketing materials to help sell the company and its projects.


If you prove yourself as a marketer, you can progress into a leadership role in advertising, where you’ll be working with others to come up with all-encompassing advertising campaigns for businesses and their products.

A modern advertising campaign has to stretch across print, radio, TV and online, so it requires people with a fantastic flair for creativity. It is also a role that can be located internally within a company, or externally at a dedicated marketing agency.

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Social Media

The rise of social media has transformed marketing permanently. More and more people are turning to social media for news and communication, moving away from the traditional channels such as magazines and TV.

This means there is a widening gap in the market for social media marketing experts. You will need to have intimate knowledge of different social media platforms and what works best on them, as well as keeping an eye out for new emerging platforms. Social Media marketers not only help implement advertising campaigns on social media platforms, but also communicate with the public directly.

Public Relations

Does communicating with the wider public sound interesting to you? Then a career in public relations may be what you’re looking for! PR staff market their clients differently to traditional marketers – they are in charge of managing the public perception of a business.

They work closely with other businesses and the media to manage the public’s opinion of a company, spotlighting successes and dealing with negative press. It is a constantly changing job role, but a very rewarding one for those with great interpersonal skills.


A sector you may not have considered is market research. Marketing is one of the most changeable areas of modern business, as tastes and delivery methods changes all the time.

Staying ahead of the curve is big business, so a career in market research would see you researching how people consume the material being produced by marketing departments, and advising clients how they can improve their output to maximise their impact.

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