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Ethnic Minority Achievement Research and Engagement Project

Gender based violenceThe achievement of ethnic minority students, as well as their unemployment rates when leaving University, have been flagged up as significant inequalities compared to the rest of the student body.

Researching the issue of employment within the University is a difficult process because our primary access is to students currently studying with us. However, it is reasonable to assume at least some link with the significant gap in achievement with the lower rates of employment post-graduation.

This project will focus, primarily, on how we can work with students to improve their experiences and close the achievement gap, with a view to this necessarily having an impact on employment rates in future. It is certainly the case that research needs to be carried out with our ex-students to explore the issues they have had in the labour market. However, as a starting point this project aims to examine the causes of the disparities in achievement from a student perspective, and also engage with staff on working out ways to improve outcomes for ethnic minority students.

We are interested in how both staff and students perceive the barriers to be in terms of employment.