Mentors and assessors: Nursing

Your role as a mentor is critical in helping student nurses to translate what they have been taught into the reality of delivering high quality care to service users and their families. The role model that you provide is an essential element which shapes and defines what sort of nurse each student becomes.

Assessing students to ensure they are competent is a fundamental part of maintaining our professional standards, and you as a mentor are at the centre of this process. We ask you to rigorously assess our students to ensure that they are safe and effective practitioners who you would wish to work with as colleagues or have care for you or your loved ones.

The resources you will discover on these web pages form part of a portfolio of support which we offer to mentors and students. Please contact a member of your Placement Support Team or the staff of the School if you need further information, help, advice or you have any concerns while fulfilling your role as a mentor.

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BSc (Hons) Nursing RN (Post October 2011) Mentor Handbook

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