Research Seminars

The School operates a research seminar series, which is open to the public by arrangement.

Upcoming seminars shall appear here as they are confirmed.

Previous seminars

Professor Julian Killingley: Professor of American Public Law, School of Law, Birmingham City University
Help for Heroes: Ex-Military Offenders in the Criminal Justice System

Anne Richardson-Oakes: School of Law, Birmingham City University
Legitimacy and The Court Expert: Narratives of Impropriety in a Schools Desegregation Suit

Timothy James: Senior Lecturer, Birmingham City University
Models of autonomy and their impact on rights regarding medical treatment

Professor Jon Yorke: Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Birmingham City University
Neutralising the Phenomenon of the ‘Public Enemy’ and the Capital Judicial Process: European and American Perspectives

Professor Rosemary Auchmuty: School of Law, Reading University
Whatever happened to Miss Bebb? (the woman who did not become England's first woman barrister)

Dr Haydn Davies and Professor Jon Yorke, School of Law, Birmingham City University
The Kramer v Dysenhaus Debate: Positivism, Morality and Semantics

Michael Edwards, Public Defender for the State of Georgia
Gideon's Trumpet Heard: Judging Georgia's Public Defender System

Professor Robert Blecker, New York Law School
Emotive Retribution and the Death Penalty