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Arriving in the UK

Birmingham is the UK’s second largest city after London and home to more than 65,000 students. Like most cities in the world, you should take precautions to ensure your safety when travelling.

Do not bring drugs, other than those prescribed by a doctor, into the UK. It’s also illegal to carry any sort of offensive weapon.

Travel in safety

Take care of your possessions and do not leave your suitcase or bags unattended in a public place.

We advise against carrying large amounts of cash. Instead, bring a small amount of money for expenses, along with a credit card or traveller's cheques.

If you’re taking a taxi from Birmingham International Airport, choose one which has a Birmingham City Council taxi identification label which on the side or back of the taxi.

If relatives or friends are meeting you on arrival in the UK, make sure that all of your arrangements are confirmed before you leave, and agree a contact telephone number in case you are delayed. The British Council have some useful information on keeping safe in the UK.

British Council

Keeping safe in the UK

Emergency services

UK emergency services number is:


This number is used to call the:

Police, Fire brigade and ambulance.

This number should only be used in the case of an emergency

British Consulate or High Commission

Your nearest British Consulate or High Commission will be able to tell you about restricted goods and duty-free allowances, or you can check the UK Government website.

UK Government

Restricted goods/duty-free