Fee Waivers

Industry Endorsement Criteria

You are to provide three industry endorsement letters, which recommend your suitability for your specified industry. These endorsements need to be from at least two different organisations, which you have, either worked for or completed a minimum of two-month internship.

The letter needs to have information about the following:

  1. Length of internship or employment
  2. Relationship to referee
  3. A brief description of your role and responsibilities within the organisation
  4. Any examples of specific project / work which are relevant to your studies
  5. Suitability / potential to work in the specified industry if your experience is in a different field
  6. Review of communication skills eg presentation skills, report writing or teamwork
  7. Review of specific skills requirements related to the course e.g. programming, journalism skills or sales.
  8. Includes confirmation that Birmingham City University may contact the employer for further information.
  9. The letter must be on company letter headed paper, signed and with a contact email and phone number. We may contact your referee for further information or clarification.