Students from Birmingham School of Art will be taking part in SWOP SHOP at Tate Liverpool from Thursday 28 June to Sunday 1 July.

Drawing on traditional notions of exchange, SWOP SHOP is not a platform where money changes hands, but rather objects, skills and ideas are swapped. The items that are in the “shop” will be objects, images, assemblages and zines made by students from Birmingham School of Art.

SWOP SHOP team- 2018

SWOP SHOP will exist initially over a four-day period at Tate Liverpool and the objects up for swapping can be viewed on the profiles below. For the first two days, the shop will be open for browsing and on the Saturday June 30th day you are invited to come in with objects to SWOP for one of the objects in the shop. See below for more detail and timings on the SWOP SHOP process.

Drop in to Tate Liverpool from 10.00am till 6 pm or join us for an informal in-conversation with guest speakers from Birmingham City University each day. More details about the project and details of the talks can be found below.

For more information on the pieces or to book places on the talks please contact swop.shop@bcu.ac.uk

SWOP SHOP is a project that's been delevoped in partnership with Tate Liverpool and Selfridges Birmingham.

Luke Sewell work- SWOP SHOP-2018

Luke Sewell

All the Produce of the Land

Read about Luke's work

Madlynn Yeoboah profile- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Madlynn Yeboah


Read about Madlynn's work

Emily Scarrott work-SWOP SHOP- 2018

Emily Scarrott

Lost Boys

Read about Emily's work

Eunice Cornejo work- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Eunice Cornejo


Read about Eunice's work

Matthew Gale work- SWOP SHOP-2018

Matt Gale


Read about Matt's work

Laura Towle work- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Laura Towle

Mobius Strip 025

Read about Laura's work

Abi Hallam work- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Abi Hallam

SWOP Shop Toilet-jug

Read about Abi's work

Zunaira Muzaffar work- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Zunaira Muzaffar

If We Don't Belong

Read about Zunaira's work

Joyce Treasure work- SWOP SHOP-2018

Joyce Treasure

All the Produce of the Land

Read about Joyce's work

Anastasia Starikova SWOP SHOP work-2018

Anastasia Starikova

Archive 1/2

Read about Anastasia's work

Clive Roberts work- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Clive Roberts

Who are you wearing?

Read about Clive's work

Dion Kitson work- SWOP SHOP-2018

Dion Kitson

Furnace To Burnish

Read about Dion's work

Zahra Aliyah- Thought Lamp- SWOP SHOP- 2018

Zahra Aliyah

Thought Lamp

Read about Zahra's work

Cathy Wade- swop shop overview page image

Cathy Wade

The Gaps In-between

Read about Cathy's work

Ken Banks- overview page- 279x185

Ken Banks

Mom, I'm hungry

Read about Ken's work

Zoe Aitken- SWOP SHOP- overview page

Zoe Aitken


Read about Zoe's work

The SWOP SHOP process

Bring in your item between 10 am and 3pm. You will be asked a few informal questions and to identify the object you would like to swap it for. The only criteria we have for items that we can accept are the following:

  • It doesn’t have to have any level of monetary value but the idea is that it has some value to you in some way, so for example it could be something that you wish to give away but somehow represents some significance to you.
  • Please note, do not swap anything of deep personal value you would be unhappy to see modified in the future as the objects you donate for your swap will go to the students for them to make into an artwork.
  • Please don’t bring in food, unsealed liquids or perishable items as these are prohibited in the galleries.
  • Announcements will be made at 5pm to let you know if you have been successful in your swap and the artwork will be presented to its new owner in a box to take away.


Thursday 28 June, 2pm – Art and exchange
This will involve a presentation of the SWOP SHOP project and the ideas behind some of the objects on display. The talk will cover areas of artistic practice that explores ideas around exchange.

Friday 29 June, 3pm – Production
The 2017-18 Tate Exchange theme production explores skills, knowledge, transformation, material & production.

Saturday 30 June, 4pm  Borders, Threshold and Collective Identities  
We will be exploring how art embraces the themes of Borders, Thresholds and Collective Identities citing works in the Tate Collections.

Sunday 1 July, 4pm  Borders, Threshold and Collective Identities
We will be exploring how art embraces the themes of Borders, Thresholds and Collective Identities citing works in the Tate Collections.