CO.LAB (Collaborative + Practice) is an innovative teaching module combining undergraduate and postgraduate students together working on various projects.

CO.LAB is a vehicle for a range of projects that seek to directly engage students with the dynamic context of the city. It is an opportunity for students to work with individuals and groups outside of their discipline area, engaging in a broad creative network.


The programme integrates undergraduate and postgraduate students from both architecture & landscape disciplines to produce a dynamic and cross-disciplined cohort as well as encourage peer-to-peer learning across the various groups.

Typically, each project is led by an academic tutor and an external client/group in a joint role. Projects take place largely offsite depending on the partner course or group, and all projects will be underpinned by collaboration, invention, physical production, using manual and digital ‘crafts’ to generate objects, spaces and events.

CO.LAB contributes to the development of distinct employability, professional and transferable skills, including team-work, project planning, entrepreneurialism, negotiation and understanding of complimentary practices.


2012/13 PROJECTS

Chaddesley Forest Pavilion: with Chaddesley Primary School / SITE: Chaddesley Corbett

City A/V: with Flatpack Film Festival / SITE: Digbeth

Clubhouse Interior: with Stonehouse Gang / SITE: Selly Oak, Birmingham

Zero Carbon Design: with Lubo Jankovic, School of Architecture / SITE: various

Aluminium Tectonics: with Ash & Lacy / SITE: West Brom

Gallery Incidents: with The Public / SITE: The Public, West Brom (now closed)

Into Architecture: with Ruth Reed, RIBA past-president / SITE: Three Local Schools

Modern Gazatteer: with BPN and Dudley Zoo / SITE: Dudley Zoo

Highbury Park: with HICOPA / SITE: Kings Heath, Birmingham

2011/12 PROJECTS

Guerilla Ecology: with Edible Eastside & Urban Grain / SITE: Warwick Bar, Digbeth

Hayes [digital] SiteWorks: with Friends of the Hayes / SITE: Hayes, Staffordshire

Modern Gazetteer: with Stuart Whipps, School of Art / SITE: various

Burolandschaft: with Associated Architects / SITE: new BIAD campus, Eastside

Digital Landscapes: with Animation, School of Visual Communication / SITE: various

Zero Carbon Design: with Lubo Jankovic, School of Architecture / SITE: various

Drama Hub: with Glenn Howells Architects / SITE: Birmingham School of Acting

Southern Gateway Masterplan: with Birmingham City Council / SITE: city centre

Box of Delights Exhibition: with The Public + Will Alsop / SITE: The Public, West Brom

Studio Culture, Research: funded by Birmingham City University and HEA CEBE / SITE: various

Alternative Career Pathways: with Ruth Reed, RIBA past-president / SITE: Birmingham City University