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City Centre Campus

Expansion to Curzon Building

Curzon BInitial work on a six storey extension to The Curzon Building, known as Curzon B, is underway.

The main building works on the site are due to begin in May 2016, ahead of completion in 2017. It will be home to a range of new facilities, including extensive space for experimental and social learning. The building will accommodate approximately 3,000 students and staff.

The Curzon Building

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The Curzon Building — a state-of-the-art addition to our City Centre Campus — is now open and is home to our Business, English, Law and Social Sciences students. 

The 24,300m² Curzon Building, which is the second phase of our City Centre Campus expansion, provides a student support hub as well as a new library, teaching and IT space, plus other student-facing facilities.

The construction of The Curzon Building also saw the complete restoration of a Victorian pub, The Eagle and Ball, which offers a unique new home to the Students Union. The Eagle and Ball pub was built between 1840 and 1850 and was known as The Moby Dick when it closed in 2007. More about the Eagle and Ball.

Download Curzon Building floor plans

What do our students think?

"It's shaping out to be a great futuristic building."

English student Isaac moved into the building in September and had an exclusive tour of the new facilities.

Read Isaac's blog >>

Watch live webcam progress of the build


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1. Which schools will be in the new building?

The new building at the city centre campus will be home to:

  • Birmingham City Business School
  • The School of English
  • The School of Law
  • The School of Social Sciences
2. What facilities will be included in the new building?

Facilities included in the new building:

  • Catering facilities
  • City North and Millennium Point Libraries
  • Digital Print Services
  • OpportUNIty Student Jobs on Campus
  • Student Homes Letting Agency
  • Student Services
  • The Students’ Union
3. When will the move happen?

Teaching activity will begin in the new building in September 2015.

4. Will there be a library on campus?

Both City North and Millennium Point libraries will move to the new building. There will also be plenty of quiet spaces, silent study areas and individual and group work rooms.

Teaching activity will begin in the new building in September 2015.

5. What are the provisions in the City Centre Campus for faith space?

There is already a multi-faith room based in Millennium Point, which is available for all students to use. For more information about these facilities, contact Birmingham City University's students’ union.

Teaching activity will begin in the new building in September 2015.

6. What recreational facilities will there be? e.g. pool tables, bars, outside spaces etc.

A student pub managed by the students’ union will be available with entrances from the new building and externally from Gopsal Street. Social seating will be available throughout the building. The new City Park located at the front of the building has been designed to encourage social gatherings.

Teaching activity will begin in the new building in September 2015.

7. Will there still be student jobs?

Yes, OpportUNIty Student Jobs on Campus will continue to be available to all students at all campuses and they will have a new office situated in the new building. If you are interested in finding a paid job on campus during your course, then make sure you sign up and find out more about the jobs that are available by visiting the iCity OpportUNIty pages* when you arrive (*University log-in is required).

Teaching activity will begin in the new building in September 2015.

8. What will the food options be like?

The new building will have a large catering facility available for students and a café in the new library. There are also cafes and a canteen in The Parkside Building and Millennium Point respectively. The campus is close to the city centre giving you a massive choice of options.

More images of The Curzon Building

Eagle and Ball gallery 6
Eagle and Ball gallery 4
Eagle and Ball gallery 3
Eagle and Ball gallery 1

Images of The Curzon Building construction