Daisy Whitehouse

Daisy Whitehouse Grad

Freelance illustrator

Graduated in 2010

Daisy Whitehouse is a freelance illustrator who has seen her work published and exhibited across the country. With her partner Murray Somerville, the duo – under the name Dazeray – have produced many commissions over the past four years including a tent design for Field Candy, murals for the Roundhouse Camden and books published with Belly Kids Publishing.

As a freelance artist, Daisy's work is varied, but recently she has been working in-house at design studios, and working on company branding and product design. Daisy studied BA (Hons) Visual Communication (Illustration) at Birmingham City University, graduating in 2010.

In her final year, she was employed by the University as a Student Academic Partner, working two days a week in the print room, helping others with their work and running screen printing workshops, which helped her to secure work in a print studio after graduating.

She said the creative environment surrounding the Visual Communication course, with constructive criticism from tutors and fellow students, gave her confidence which carried through into the professional world of design, giving her a portfolio of strong, confident and unique work to show to prospective employers.

“I gained a lot from my teachers because I was always in uni whether I ‘needed' to be or not. Doing work in uni creates a sense of community with other students, and in the arts you stand to learn a lot from your peers. We organised group drawing trips with our lecturers and went to book fairs across the country selling our work. We had the support of our teachers but we also had the support of each other. We created a great learning environment that others wanted to be part of.”