Top five TV shows that all budding designers will love

Looking for something to watch as a well earned break from your current project or coursework? We’ve got you covered! Watching a TV show can be great to take your mind off things, but it can also be educational – encouraging and inspiring you for current or future projects. We’ve put a short list together of our top picks on TV right now for those passionate about  Visual Communication.

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1) Abstract: the art of design

'Abstract: the art of design' is a great documentary-based series on Netflix for all types of visual communication students and enthusiasts. Each episode follows some of the world’s most highly regarded designers, taking viewers through their journey and practice. What’s great about this is you can pick and choose which episodes you want to watch, or binge watch the entire thing! Whatever you choose to do, we know this series will keep you inspired, and potentially push you to try out new techniques and venture into different creative territories, keeping your work and mindset fresh.

2) Arcane

Anyone with a passion for illustration or animation will enjoy this one! 'Arcane', which can be found on Netflix, is based on the popular video game ‘League of Legends’, however, viewers don’t need to have an interest or any background information on the game to enjoy the show. The visuals are stunning, which will be sure to hold your attention all the way through till the end of the final episode and get you inspired to make some breath-taking artwork. What’s even better is that it’s been announced season two is on its way!

3) Sky Arts' Masters of Photography

This is a must-see for photography enthusiasts and anyone who loves competition based shows. The show centres around finding the ‘Best New European Photographer’ using weekly elimination to determine this. Although arguably not entirely educational, the series does showcase a range of talented photographers work which may motivate you to take some impressive snaps yourself! Who knows, maybe you could be a future contestant or winner of the show?

4) The Creative Brain

This documentary on Netflix is suitable for all types of visual communication students and creative enthusiasts. David Eagleman, who is a neuroscientist, describes how the creative process takes place, looking at practitioners from various disciplines and explores how the idea of taking risks is linked to creativity. With a run time of only 52 minutes, we are sure you can fit this one in somewhere during your day!

5) Yarn

When you think of yarn, you’re probably thinking about hobbies for grannies. However, yarn creations are becoming more and more increasingly popular for all types of people after realising it can be a form of art and self expression. 'Yarn: The Movie' explore this idea, taking the viewer on a journey across Europe and more to show examples of the various forms yarn can take, from costume and performance design, to art installation pieces. Even if you’re not interested in knitting or crocheting yourself, we’re sure this film will leave you questioning how even the most simple things can create something original, ready for your next project!

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